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Like all great stories and new beginnings, the very idea of Rosie the bus started in our local pub.

Even though at the time we didn't actually know each other.... at all!

we found that we all shared a similar dream. To cook fresh, healthy and delicious food for the people of Margate and beyond!

By the third drink we had come up with the idea of converting a double decker bus into a mobile kitchen and cafe.

Two weeks later, Rosie, our 1980 Bristol VR trundled her way out of hibernation to start her new life as The Bus Cafe in Margate! 




Our produce is fresh and local 

We believe that fresh, good quality food can only come from fresh, good quality ingredients.


We use local farms and organisations for as much of our produce as possible. Our fresh, locally produced and seasonal menus from the “Garden of England" mean we have the right ingredients to create the best street food this side of that London! 

We like the environment a lot!

We want to be able to support the environment as much as we can. Our packaging is biodegradable and recyclable. We aim to create as little waste as possible and we do our best to re-use and upcycle at The Bus Cafe.


Garage Coffee is based at Southview Camping in the picturesque village of Hoath, just outside of Canterbury in Kent.​ ​​Our coffee is roasted in 3kg batches, which we taste every time to ensure we have achieved optimum quality. All coffee is roasted to order, meaning our beans are always fresh. Haven't got time for any stale beans in this neck of the woods!


Our delicious eggs come from this marvellous crew. All free range, their hens have plenty of space to roam and forage. Find them on insta and follow their wonderful stories!


Established in Margate, Nash Farm has a long running reputation for selling good quality fresh fruit and vegetables sourced from local farms and orchards. 


Margate Master Butchers based on Northdown Road these guys get the very best for us.


Our amazing bread comes from Ramsgate’s very own French style bakery. Fine breakfast pastries, freshly baked bread and more! These guys are the best around!


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